3D graphics, animation, interactive publications and multi-use documents

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    • Interactive PDFs and PDF-based forms
    • Animated marketing or instructional videos
    • Conversion of page layout to mobile apps
    • CAD conversion to "live" 3D models
    • Immersive user experiences and interfaces
    • Interactive online training and testing
    • Web-based ordering and e-commerce
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Move it!

Today's customer is looking to learn as much as possible while reading as few words as possible. Ten years ago, the aim was to "chunk" text into single, short, easily-read paragraphs. Today, text has to pass the "scan" test, relaying enough information in just a few words to get the point across before the reader moves on. Use more than the 140 characters of a Twitter feed, and you risk losing...or even worse, boring...your audience.

Customers don't want to read about your product: they want to experience it. They want text and images to respond to their actions, moving them from place to place as they pick and choose the information they need from the information they choose to ignore.

This new impatience is both a challenge and an opportunity for business communications. And the companies that adapt most quickly will give themselves a considerable advantage in the marketplace.

An installation manual can now be compressed into a single animated video that the user watches at a speed they control, providing detailed information on demand at the click of a mouse. Entire libraries of product documentation can be indexed and actively searched online, bringing customers directly to the information they want. Parts lists can interact with component diagrams to highlight specific parts and initiate a reorder process.

Exciting stuff. But you need a plan to turn it into your advantage.

At CPG, we remember when many of our customers went live with their first websites: in fact, we designed quite a few of them. Today, we can put words and images into motion using Flash or HTML5, 3D animated models, interactive PDFs and CMS-based sites. A document laid out in InDesign can be set up to export directly to screen, iPad or mobile with virtually all elements interactive.

As always with new technology, it is important to look past the flash (literally) to the benefit. To use new approaches to solve old problems. To find new ways to meet current customer demands. And to use new ideas to open new doorways. Let's get moving.