graphic design and creative artwork

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    • Graphic design, web design, creative artwork
    • Logo and branding
    • Collateral material, catalogs, manuals, presentations, user interfaces, training, animation
    • Update/streamline existing designs to stay up to date with current design trends
    • Concepts and consultations
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Consider this:

It has been estimated that the typical American views 100-150 different web pages every day. This is a constant, daily exposure to the best and most creative designs from around the world. Television is HD. Movies are 3D. EVERYTHING looks better these days.

And everything, it seems, has fewer words in it. As we enter the second generation of readers who have spent more time looking at computer screens than printed pages, we are seeing a noticeable change in reading habits. Text is scanned quickly rather than read thoroughly. Messages need to get across fast.

Is your literature keeping pace? If not, your message may not be getting across.

At CPG, we are seeing a shift from traditional designs for manuals, catalogs and training materials. Less text. Better graphics. Tighter spacing of related elements, with more white space and fewer unnecessary lines and boxes. Fewer fonts, but more use of type size and color. And we like what we're seeing. These approaches are easy to replicate and speed up document creation and revision once they are in place.

Best of all, people read them.

This isn't design for design's sake. This is about fewer installation and maintenance errors, fewer returns and service calls, more reorders and retention, and greater customer satisfaction. That's a return you can bank on. And new designs can be quickly and easily implemented during routine updates.

It used to be that nobody cared what the manual looked like. The goal was to keep page count low and the print job one color. Times have changed. Your customers have changed. And CPG has the design professional who can help you catch up fast.

One look, many uses.

Have you looked at your manuals online? How many different screen sizes? An iPad? A smart phone? You might be surprised how many of your customers bypass the printed version that came in the box. Traditional printing approaches don't translate well to the screen. Today's design approaches are built to work on any platform, at any size.

When is a manual not just a manual? When it is also a web download or a mobile app. Consumers, both retail and B2B, are increasingly bypassing traditional sales and marketing literature and evaluating competing products based on direct downloads of manuals and spec sheets. The people who read your "bread and butter" material aren't necessarily your customers. They are also your potential customers.

CPG will make you the first choice every time.