C.P. Gauger: Cost-Effective Translation Into More Than 70 Languages

At CP Gauger, translation is done the right way: by human beings. Native speakers with industry-specific knowledge. Because accurate translation requires understanding of local culture, conventions, traditions, and industrial standards. Knowledge at this level can only come from personal and professional experience. Our translators know the customs, idioms, etiquette, business culture, industrial jargon, and even slang of each country.

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At CP Gauger, translation is done the right way: by computers. We use the SDL Trados system to create your unique Translation Memory, where you can fine-tune the terminology you use for industrial terms, taglines, instructions, and commonly-used phrases to your exact specifications. Your Translation Memory ensures consistency across all translation projects, and gives you super-human control over corporate identity, accuracy and cost.

We offer translation in these languages. And yes, your Latin American Spanish, Canadian French, or Brazilian Portuguese will be translated by someone who knows the difference.

Afrikaans Chinese German Japanese Pangasinan Swedish
Albanian Croatian Greek Kazakh Polish Tagalog
Amharic Czech Gujarati Khmer Portuguese Taiwanese
Arabic Danish Haitian Creole Korean Punjabi Tamil
Armenian Dari Hebrew Laotian Romanian Thai
Azerbaijani Dutch Hindi Latvian Russian Tibetan
Bahasa Melayu English Hmong Lithuanian Serbian Tigrinya
Bengali Estonian Hungarian Macedonian Slovak Tongan
Bosnian Farsi Icelandic Malay Slovene Turkish
Bulgarian Finnish Ilocano Maltese Somali Ukrainian
Burmese Flemish Indonesian Mongolian Spanish Urdu
Cambodian French Italian Norwegian Swahili Vietnamese