technical illustration, renderings, CAD conversion, logo creation, artwork and photo manipulation

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    • Line drawing, variable line weights, shaded drawing, renderings
    • Black/white, grayscale, limited palette, full color
    • Dimensional drawings, exploded views, assemblies, detail drawings
    • Wiring diagrams and schematics
    • Procedures, screen sequences, decision trees and timelines
    • Ghosting and cutaways
    • Vector art or 3D rendering
    • Callouts, BOMs
    • Work from original items, photos, CAD files, blueprints, renderings
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How we can help you now.

There is a reason why simple, one-color line art continues to be the mainstay of manuals, guides, catalogs, and instructional materials. A well-planned and well-executed set of illustrations remains the best way to demonstrate procedures, focus attention in the right place, highlight the right detail, show the working relationship of components and reveal hidden areas. They communicate to all viewers, regardless of experience, education or subject knowledge. They work in all languages, as well!

CPG has produced thousands of highly detailed technical illustrations over the years, and we maintain certified line art experts on staff. We will continue to produce high-quality illustrations for as long as your customers expect to find a printed manual in the box.

As more and more documents are distributed digitally, it has opened up many exciting new possibilities in technical illustration. An increasing number of our illustration projects now incorporate dimension, shading, color, photographic detail and even animation. This is truly the best of both worlds, combining the precision of traditional line art with the immersive experience of creative graphics. Our artists combine the discipline of the traditional techniques with a vision that takes advantage of all that the new technology offers.

Today, you will find CPG line art on GPS systems, interactive training materials, touch screens, control panels and corporate websites. The medium may change, the technology may change, but there are still plenty of places where a few simple lines get the job done.

Where we can take you.

The technical illustrations of the future will literally come alive on the page, allowing viewers to rotate, pivot, break apart and reassemble, tunnel into, recolor and recombine the items they see. Products will assemble themselves and fix themselves right before your eyes, in animations that can be viewed from any angle or perspective.

Actually, these illustrations can be created right now. And CPG can create them for you.

We have recently added 3DViaComposer to our capabilities. We can now take CAD files in SolidWorks, Pro/E, CATIA, SAT, IGES, STEP, OBJ, or U3D and create lifelike 3D models which can be used to create a limitless number of individual images, animated sequences and interactive views. Viewers can explode products to see the workings of indivudal components, use hot-spot parts lists to locate items, watch any number of animated demonstrations...and even print out two-dimensional one-color line art from any of a hundred different angles. All this in a single piece of artwork which can be embedded in a PDF or posted to a website.

The manual or catalog of the future might be captured on a single page, in a single piece of art. Available today at CPG.