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    • Translation performed by native speakers with industry-specific expertise
    • Your unique TRADOS Translation Memory will allow you to develop a standardized library of specific approved terms and phrases which will be incorporated into all future translations
    • Transform existing English documents into foreign language documents
    • Translate foreign documents into English that matches your usage and standards
    • Multilingual formatting
    • Formatting with special characters and fonts
    • Maintain design integrity across multiple languages
    • Management of translation process to ensure the most cost-effective results
    • Localization of translation to target reader
    • Cultural review to ensure clear communication
    • Use of conditional text and layers for building multi-language versions in a single document
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We can translate your documents into more than 70 languages. Click here to see the list.

The world is yours...IF you speak the language.

Consider this:

  • More than one-third of US small businesses currently have global customers; by 2018, more than one-half will be doing business globally.
  • 96% of potential customers are located overseas.
  • More than 9 out of 10 exporters are small businesses.
  • Many countries in Asia, South America and Africa are thriving even during the current economic downturn.
  • Web and mobile, as well as web-based payment gateways, means anyone can compete globally without foreign offices or expensive marketing.

Small wonder that everyone is jumping into the translation business! From global corporations advertising exclusive contacts and charging premium prices, to quickie shops offering one-day turnaround, to Google Translate churning out something that MIGHT be your original text with cut-and-paste ease, there are hundreds of places you can go to get a translation.

With CPG, you get something more: a translation you can trust.

At CPG, we have built our success by bringing an old-school commitment to quality to new technologies and new approaches. Our translation service adds new languages and cultures to the mix. We have learned the lessons of over a half-century of innovation: keep it easy; keep it comfortable; and get it absolutely, completely right.

With language translation, getting it right means paying close attention to the details.

First: all CPG translations are done by humans. For business-critical documents, translation must go beyond the word-for-word of machine translation to incorporate dialect, idiom, culture, distinctions between written and verbal usage, jargon and slang.

Second: all translators know the target country. So they understand the difference between French as it is spoken in Canada, Senegal and France, Spanish as it is spoken in Mexico, Columbia and Spain, Portuguese as it is spoken in Portugal and Brazil, or even distinct regions in the same country.

Third: wherever possible, translators have industry experience. An astonishing amount of jargon does not translate directly from one language to another. Only someone with experience in both the language and the industry knows this. And getting the jargon right is often the most important part of the job.

Fourth: all translations are proofed in-house after they are returned. This is a vital step that many of our competitors skip. Translators, even expert translators, make mistakes. A lot of companies simply pass them on. Not us. At CPG, we have trained our QA staff to proof in every language we provide. And they are relentless in more than 70 languages.

Fifth: every account includes an SDL Trados Translation Memory. Did you know that virtually every phrase you can think of has up to a half-dozen accurate translations? Which one you select can depend on a number of factors: previous documents, corporate standards, even personal preference. Your Translation Memory allows you to build a library of words, phrases and boilerplate text that guides all future projects, guaranteeing consistency and accuracy and avoiding redundant work.

Ready to gear up for the global market? Then sooner or later, you are going to find yourself staring at a document filled with page after page of a language you don't understand, and realize that it is your own literature. And when you ask yourself "how do I know if this is correct?" the answer will be simple: "because it came from CPG."