data management, data-driven publication and database creation

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    • Develop flat or relational databases from existing written materials
    • Use page-bound text and graphics links to populate data framework
    • Coordinate efficient transition from page to database
    • Coordinate with IT departments to develop exports for use in publications
    • Data cleansing and optimization
    • Maintain translation memories
    • Integrate data exports with page layout programs for content creation, from simple lists and tables to complex layouts
    • Work with any source: CSV, XML or ODBC sources, as well as Excel and Word files
    • Rules-based approach allows same data to be used across multiple publications
    • CMS-based websites
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Free your words and the rest will follow.

At CPG, we are all about the printed page.

We have been responsible for the look, feel and content of millions of printed pages over the years.

At CPG, we are all about data.

We have been turning raw data into print-ready documents for more than half a century.

Today, EVERYTHING is data.

That is why we are so excited by current trends in business communication. It is no longer a question of whether you are going to switch to a data-driven approach to publishing, but how soon. And CPG is uniquely positioned to help you make the transition.

It used to be that all we had was paper. Words and pictures were locked on a page and tied up in program-specific formatting. The structure of information was dictated by page size and printing costs. Customers could only reference information in the publications they had on hand. Finding this information might mean wading through thousands of pages or multiple documents linked by complex indexes and cross references that required a high level of expertise to use correctly. Prices, model numbers and technical specs could be hundreds of pages apart, or even in separate books. Comparing competitors' products, or even multiple products by the same vendor, could fill up a bookcase. And since information often became outdated before publications were revised and reprinted, everything was suspect.

Customers once were willing to put up with this kind of frustration, because there was no other way. Today's customers are not so patient. And they don't have to be.

In today's data-driven model, text and images are stored as individual cells in a database. Publication templates are created and merged with exports from the database to create finished documents on the fly, often in a matter of minutes. The same data can be recombined in multiple ways and fed to multiple templates designed for print, web, mobile and tablet. The same data, from a single source, can drive marketing collateral, price guides, product spec sheets, manuals and catalogs. Customers can search intuitively using the media of their choice and combine information from multiple sources to meet their specific needs. They can cut to the chase quickly or dig deeper than ever before. Updates are universally available the moment new data has been entered.

Best of all, it doesn't require a huge investment to make the change. We have produced hundreds of pages from an Excel file and an InDesign template. With proper coordination and a few basic scripts, we can build all your publications using data taken directly from your existing database framework. The flexibility this model offers, and the savings in production time and cost, are amazing.

For most businesses, the main obstacle is their library of legacy documents. Text and graphic links that are bound to page layouts are essentially stuck in a cul de sac, and will need to be pulled off the page and into a managed structure. At CPG, we know how to get you past the page. There are many strategies and workflows to get you started today, at the speed of your choosing, on your way to the future. We will help you to free your words. Just wait until you see what you can do with them.