proofing, editing and quality assurance

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    • We proofread for spelling and grammar, of course
    • We also read for:
      • Structure
      • Page numbers, callouts, step listings, internal and external references
      • Product numbers, contact information
      • Conformity to corporate standards
      • Consistency of phrasing and terminology
      • Correct listing of names, dates, locations, events, entities
      • Product and company names (yes, it happens!)
      • Consistency of formatting and graphic elements
      • TOC page listings and index references
      • Consistency with previous documents
      • Function of hyperlinks and interactive elements
      • Coding and styling of web pages and graphics
      • All language translations
      • Formatting adjustments in foreign language versions
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We're not perfect. But you'll never know it.

There is a sign we saw recently in a glass blower's studio: "Do glass blowers ever get burned? Yes. Once."

Do our customers ever skip the proofreading step? Yes. Once.

Quality assurance, simply put, provides the highest return on investment of all the services we offer.

At CPG, we remain one of the few full-service companies in our area that maintains an in-house proofing department, including some of the senior members of our staff. Unlike competitors who have outsourced or eliminated their departments, we guarantee that our customers' material will be reviewed by people with decades of experience and a longstanding familiarity with their unique standards and practices.

This has proven, time and again, to be an invaluable service.

A single misnumbered product can result in thousands of dollars of misplaced orders. A single incorrect phone number or web address can render an entire catalog useless. Incorrect page or illustration references confuse readers and lead to frustration, or worse, costly mistakes. These are the errors that are found, and fixed, daily at CPG.

And yes, we also catch and fix the thousands of spelling and grammatical errors that automatic checkers miss.

Our proofing department now assures quality in more than 70 languages! Through careful coordination with our translators and external sources, they provide a final step to all translation jobs that gives us an unmatched record for accuracy and consistency.

When you send CPG your best, we make sure what you get back is even better.