technical writing and creative copy

Why would I pay for writing?
Doesn't everyone know how to write?

Sure, most people can write. That doesn't mean they know how to write effectively. And a lot of money can be made or lost in the word "effectively."

Good technical writing, whether for the instructional text found in manuals, help screens and training materials, or the informational text found in product description, sidebars and notations, requires more than product knowledge and basic English.

A good writer brings many other skills to the table: a thorough command of research methods, style guides and documentation standards, an understanding of task analysis, a familiarity with learning and information theory, and an awareness of techniques to promote reader comprehension and retention. A good writer knows the difference between writing for the page and for the screen. A good writer knows how to shape the text to match the target reader, so they can reach everyone from the established expert to the absolute beginner.

At CPG, our writers have experience across a wide range of industries. They adapt quickly to the subject matter knowledge demands of each new project, whether it is industrial, commercial, retail or digital. Their role is to act as a bridge between your product experts and your customers: asking the right questions, establishing the right benchmarks, seeking out the necessary clarifications and setting the right balance between theoretical understanding and specific action steps.


  • Are your customers making too many mistakes during installations or routine maintenance?
  • Do you have an unexpectedly high volume of support requests?
  • Do you have low customer satisfaction with what you know is a high quality product?
  • Do customers frequently fail to order or misorder replacement parts?
  • Are customers unaware of all the services you provide?
  • Are you dissatisfied with reorders and renewal orders of products from existing customers?
  • Are you not getting the results you want from your in-house staff training?

These are the signs that it is time to let CPG put the words in your mouth.

Technical writers from CPG's staff can work either on site or off site. They can work in close coordination with your staff or under their own direction. Our writers build knowledge through direct communication and interviews, hands-on product experience, outside training and independent research. The end result is documentation that ensures your products are correctly installed, operated, maintained and re-ordered with minimum customer errors and maximum customer satisfaction. We will make you user friendly.

CPG is now your
marketing advantage, as well.

Opportunity is everywhere if you know where to find it. At CPG, we find opportunity by listening closely to our customers.

Ten years ago, when we heard that many of our customers were unsatisfied with available translation services, we put together the competencies and technology to provide them with something better. Today we are a recognized source of dependable, accurate translation in more than 70 languages for hundreds of customers nationwide.

Lately, we have been hearing that many of our customers are unsatisfied with their marketing language at a time when marketing departments and marketing budgets are still bearing the brunt of tough economic times. And once again, CPG has the answer. Our technical writing staff is now complemented by writers with marketing and agency experience. They bring the same no-nonsense, bottom-line approach that you have come to expect from CPG, with a bit more flair and a bit more persuasiveness.

More results. Fewer lattes. If you think you've seen everything CPG can do for you, it's time to look again.